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The Nutritional Value Of Semen

Yes, SPERM! Go tell your girl!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 9, 2015
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Well, how about that?

Aside from containing life-giving seeds a.k.a. sperm, semen, as it turns out, is choc-full of nutrients.

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Go tell your girl!

Seriously, this is more than having an ace in the eternal "how-do-I-get-her-to-go-down-on-me" struggle. Semen or seminal liquid, contains a host of vitamins and minerals. It actually makes perfect sense since it contains sperm, and we want our sperm to be healthy now, don't we?

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For starters, it has Vitamins C and B12, protein, and lipids which help us store energy and strengthen cells (among other benefits).

Endorphins (e.g. serotonin, oxytocin, and cortisol) are also part of the gooey package. In case you didn't know, endorphins promote euphoria and feelings of relaxation.

But just in case your girl still needs more convincing, here's a nutritional value table from

semen nutritional value

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Sure, that table is based on one cup of your man juice (around 70 loads according to the chart), but it still paints a nice (and erotic) picture of just how nutritious semen is. And, yes, it contains zero fat! Your diet's safe, ladies.

However, note that semen could also contain nasties, a.k.a. STDs, so it's always wise to have you and your partner checked first before participating in any kind of sperm buffet.

Okay now, that's enough sperm talk for the day. 

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