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Wanted: Receipts!

See how ATM receipts can save you from a shameful ordeal!<br />
| Nov 24, 2006
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In college I had a girlfriend who was a working student, at a food chain in Megamall. Because our classes were held every morning she was stuck with the closing schedule, and being the good boyfriend that I was, I willingly fetched her every single night. One night, I was about to go to the mall to pick her up when I decided to grab a quick bite. I ate a plate of spaghetti not knowing that it was near-spoiled. When I arrived at the mall, my stomach started to crumble. I quickly went to the restroom and to my surprise there was no tissue in the cubicle. I quickly rummaged through my pockets for some coins for the tissue vending machine, but I couldn’t find any. I tried looking for a store with a comfort room in it but all the stores were closed! Shit! I didn’t know what to do! I even went to my girlfriend’s work place but I couldn’t find her. Seeing an ATM machine, I suddenly remembered that I had my girlfriend’s ATM card. I got as many receipts as I could get from that machine then headed again to the restroom. Yes, I used the receipts to wipe my ass. What can I say? I was in dire need!


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