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This Is How Much You Should Be Washing Your Favorite Office Coffee Mug

Once is not enough
by Tanya Umali | Sep 21, 2016
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A day's work in the office could be pretty tiring. Good thing a cup of coffee is as good as a trusty companion for when you're feeling a bit down in front of your computer's monitor. And nothing's better that piping hot coffee in your favorite office mug.

But before taking a sip from that good cup of Joe, be aware that it's actually full of germs.

You just washed it? Hate to burst your bubble but that thing is still dirty.

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In a study by researchers from the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science at the University of Arizona, coffee mugs, especially those which are found on your office desk, are teeming with bacteria. Even if you thought you've given it a good wash, you might not have done enough. 


The dirt that is said to inhabit either the exposed or unexposed areas of your mug can contain fecal bacteria from that microbe-filled sponge you're using. These germs can survive for up to three days.

To ensure that you'll be using a totally clean one, it is essential to take the cup home and give it a thorough scrub. It's best to use warm water to get rid of the bacteria residing in every nook and cranny of the container.

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Speaking of nooks and crannies, the less of these on the design of your chosen mug, the better. Ditch those with lids and intricate caps, and just stick with a plain one with a handle. After washing your beloved Joe container, dry it using a paper towel, for germs thrive in damp spaces.


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