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5 Times De Lima Lost Her Cool During Her Emotional Presscon

The senator has had enough of the supposed demolition job against her
by Andrei Medina | Sep 28, 2016
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A visibly emotional Senator Leila de Lima has called on the president to put a stop to his tirades against her which she claimed were based on fabricated evidence being fed to him.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the senator initially read a statement in reaction to President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent apology for releasing an erroneous drug matrix.

“The alleged drug matrix as I pointed out before is nothing but trash and therefore should not be given any grain of credibility,” she said.

Shortly after, De Lima who came near to the point of crying delivered angry statements against Duterte and his allies whom she claimed were behind the demolition job she was facing.

Below are five of De Lima’s most emotional statements during the press conference.

1) De Lima's reaction to the Bilibid riot (12:40 mark)
"And now we have this incident kanina. And now we just saw a news item quoting speaker (Pantaleon) Alvarez saying that somebody must be out to silence (Jaybee) Sebastian."

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"Ano nanaman ang mga implication nila? Kagagawan ko nanaman yan?"

2) On her detractors (13:00)
"Sila ang nang gigipit sa akin. Masyado na nila akong ginigipit, inaapi, tapos ganyan pa ang gagawin nila. Lahat na lang sinisisi sa akin."

"And they call themselves men. Ganyan ba ang mga lalaki? They're cowards, they're fools, and they're liars. That is the bunch of officials we have now."


3) On Duterte's tirades (14:46)
"Tama na po. In your desperation, Pangulo, para siraan niyo ako hindi niyo na iniisip kung ano na yung nagiging itsura ninyo sa mata ng bayan at sa mata ng mundo."

"Kayo na po ang pinagatatwanan hindi po ako."

4) On facing her dilemma (16:22)
"I'm not going to leave this country and escape anything. Because there is nothing to escape from... Why should I do that? I want to fight here in my country. Hindi po ako duwag dahil wala po akong kasalanan."

"Yung mga nagtatago lamang, yung walang mga ano, yung mga duwag ang umaatras. Hindi po si Leila de Lima. Hindi po ako pinalaki ng tatay ko na maging duwag."

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5) De Lima to Duterte (17:14)
"Tama na. Hulihin niyo na ako ngayon. Yan naman talaga ang gusto ninyo. Ikulong niyo na ako ngayon!"

"I'm here! Do what you want to me, Mr. President. I'll wait for you."

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