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WATCH: Cebu Groups Burn Nike Shoes In Support Of Manny Pacquiao

'Burn the Nike sole for my soul'
by Andrei Medina | Feb 22, 2016
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After the firestorm that followed Manny Pacquiao’s gay slur and his subsequent removal as Nike’s product endorser, a man took to social media to express his fiery support for the boxing icon. And he did so by burning Nike shoes.

On his Facebook account, Oriel Ballano posted a two-minute video with a small group where he was shown setting a pile of Nike pairs ablaze after the Cebu Youth Fest.

Before the burning, Ballano was shown saying “Burn the Nike sole for my soul” afterwhich he and the crowd chanted “We support Manny Pacquiao.”

Watch (and try your best not to cringe, fellow sneakerhead):

Like Pacquiao, the group clarified that they only disapproved of gay marriage but weren’t against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community.

“We don’t hate LGBT people, we hate their agenda," Ballano said. "Today in response [to Nike cutting its with Pacquiao], without hatred, we burn these shoes to show our support [against] gay marriage, na hindi dapat tama. Again, we love all the gays, all the lesbians but we don’t like their agenda.”

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Pacquiao has responded by telling his supporters not to resort to violence and instead turn to prayer for guidance.


Photo cedit: Oriel Ballano FB
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