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WATCH: Duterte Spokesman Gets Told Off By Al Jazeera Anchor

Secretary Abella: 'You're putting it, framing it in a way that puts as if I was a sadistic murderer'
by Andrei Medina | Aug 16, 2016
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An Al Jazeera anchor placed Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella in a tough spot after he asked question after nerve-racking question on President Duterte’s rough rhetoric.

During an interview, UpFront anchor Mehdi Hasan started by keeping viewers up to speed on how Duterte has been addressing our nation. “He’s been president of the Philippines for just six weeks and already he’s threatening martial law,” he said during his introduction of the Philippines’ new leader.

The interview went on cordially until the 4:55 mark when things started to heat up when Hasan asked Abella whether he thought the 700 lives already taken by Duterte’s war on drugs was “too many or too few.”

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Instead of directly answering, Abella reasoned that the war on drugs has resulted in over 500,000 surrenders.


However, Hasan had none of it and asked again “With respect Ernesto Abella, that’s not what I asked. Is 700 too many or too few?

“You’re putting it, framing it in a way that puts as if I was a sadistic murderer,” Abella replied.

To Abella’s credit, he maintained his cool throughout the interview despite Hasan's aggressive questions on Duterte’s tough-talking ways.

“It’s a tricky job Ernesto Abella,” Hasan said before ending the show.


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