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WHOA: Evil Dad 'Blows Up' Son Just To Prank His Wife

Has YouTube jokester Roman Atwood gone too far in his latest video?
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 13, 2015
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Noted online prank specialist, Roman Atwood, once pulled a prank on his girlfriend by telling her that he cheated on her. It backfired; the girlfriend saw the camera and turned the tables on him. On the brightside, the video has gotten 69 million views since its upload in November 2013, so it's all good. 

Now, Atwood is back. And he's back with an even meaner prank where he blows up his son in an ATV accident. The woman (the same one in the prank video, who, surprisingly, hasn't left him yet) is, of course, shocked. When she finds out that it was just a scam (the boy was really just a stuffed dummy) she is understandably pissed. 

She flips him off before storming out in a fit of extreme annoyance:

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