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WATCH: The Struggle Is Real For These Guys Explaining Female Contraceptives

Nope, that isn't a condom for men with a particularly big package. That's actually a female condom.  
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 29, 2015
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The same gentlemen who tried (and failed) really hard to explain how women's sex toys work are back and this time they're dealing with female contraceptives. They understand some better than others, but the whole video's good for a laugh:

Surprisingly, women have numerous birth control options we've never heard of. Most of them featured in the video (if not all of them) are a lot more complicated than rolling a little tube down your yogurt-slinger. As one of the guys from the video said: "It's weird that we have all these different versions of female birth control and you never really talk about them or see them."

Perhaps, we all need a good ol' brush-up course in sex education, yes?

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