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WATCH: Overtaking Female Motorcyclist Roughly Tumbles Over Ball

Always, always wear your helmet
by Andrei Medina | Feb 22, 2016
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It’s just a short video but it stresses the utmost importance of how wearing a helmet can spell the difference between life or death in certain road situations and accidents.

In a 42-second video posted on the Pinoy Trending News Facebook page, a dashcam clip shows what seems to be a regular drive on the road on a Thursday afternoon.

But around the 12-second mark, an overtaking motorcyclist who appears to be female is seen speeding past the dashcam’s right side.

Things immediately turn from bad to worse after a boy chasing after a ball suddenly pops out from the right side of the street.

The ball unfortunately gets rolled over by the motorcycle’s front and rear wheels causing the motorcyclist to lose her balance and fall to her left side with her ride.

She is shown rolling over the road, her motorcycle spinning due to the impact until it all comes to a sudden stop.

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The video has since sparked a debate between netizens who either blame the rider for not wearing a helmet or the boy who carelessly played with the ball near the street.

As of this writing, there are no reports yet whether the rider survived the crash but she seemed to be slightly moving near the end of the video.


Photo credit: Pinoy Trending News FB
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