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Taiwanese Video Tags Duterte As 'Kim Jong-Un Wannabe'

The president was depicted as a murderous clown and called a 'moron'
by Andrei Medina | Sep 27, 2016
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Just recently, President Rodrigo Duterte enjoyed an animated music video made by the Davao Nikkei Jin Anime Club which featured his achievements during and after the elections.

Apparently, the president got another one, but this time, it made fun of him and literally portrayed him as a murderous clown.

Titled “Philippines President Duterte is nuts: Duterte needs to put a sock in it,” the video was posted by YouTube channel Taiwanese Animators.

It starred an animated model of Duterte dressed like a clown that gunned down drug suspects on the street.


The video also showed the Philippine president’s tirades against US President Barack Obama, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and Pope Francis.

“His mouth has been writing checks his country can’t cash... This moron thinks his allies are his enemies and that he can trust countries like China and Russia.”

“Someone needs to just take this Kim Jong-Un wannabe out and soon before he really does some irreparable damage to the Philippines.”

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Watch the whole video below:


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