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WATCH: The Science Of Bewbs!

You're not a 'breast expert' until you know the science behind the mammary glands. Allow this video to explain.
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 11, 2015
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Science-oriented YouTube channel, "ASAPScience," uploaded a video yesterday (December 10) that non-science fans might also like.

Why? Because their newest video hones in on a topic that even the crudest of bros like talking eloquently about: bewbs.

The four-minute video goes beyond the usual bar room discussions though, and gives us a more scientific understanding of a body part that we have never been shy to talk about. For example, did you know that humans are the only species whose breasts stay swollen even when they aren't lactating? How about those little bumps on the areola—do you know that those glands have a name too? 


You'll find out about all that and other important #BreastFacts that you can use to impress your bros with at your next night out in this video:

Now we know more scientific facts about breasts than our girlfriends do!



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