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WATCH: These Pun-Loving College Students Are At It Again!

For those asking how the hell they were able to get away with this, maybe the guards were too entertained to stop their pun-tastic routine...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 4, 2016
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Puns aren't the most popular comedy style for Filipinos.

Whether it's because of the complexity or sound of Tagalog terms, the closest we have to this kind of humor are "sounds like" jokes by Joey de Leon, who himself is also fond of puns (check out his Twitter account).

Although recently, two college students have been trending on social media with their own pun-tastic trip.

For almost two weeks now, Lanirie Caudal and Mariella Ramos—both from the University of the East—have been producing pun-based videos. What appear to be two girls running innocent errands in grocery stores (and one time, a bookstore) is actually the two of them doing hilarious word plays on brand names.


Whether it's food or milk for pregnant women, Lanirie and Mariella can't seem to run out of clever references for everyday items.

And for their latest "pun-dertaking" (#sorrynotsorry), which was picked up by Facebook page Filipino Dubs recently, they garnered over 3.2 million views and almost 73,800 shares as of this writing.

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And why the hell not? See their witty supermarket-hopping for yourself:

How are they even able to get away with that? There are guards in those places, right? Maybe they were too entertained to stop the routine...


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