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Waze Survey: Manila Has The Shittiest City Traffic In The World

As if we didn't know that already.
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 1, 2015
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Even before we got wind of this rather sucky news, we somehow knew it already.

But just in case you want it to be official: A recent Waze survey has confirmed that Manila has the worst city traffic in the whole wide world!


manila traffic waze

This is, perhaps, the most relevant takeaway for us from the GPS-based navigation app's "Global Driver Satisfaction Index" survey, which used the following parameters in conducting the study:

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- Density of traffic and driving conditions
- Road quality and infrastructure
- Driving risks (e.g. accidents and weather)
- Number of available car services (e.g. gas stations, parking lots)
- Socio-economic factors (e.g. access to cars, gas prices)

There's also a "Wazeyness" factor which takes note of the "happiness and thankfulness of Waze users."

The survey examined data from 50 million Waze users and 167 cities and then used a numerical grading system (10 to 0, 0 being the worst) for each country and city.

So, how did Manila and the Philippines rank?


waze manila traffic

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manila waze traffic


Looking at the rankings, our Asian neighbors Indonesia and Japan aren't faring that much better, but they still scored higher than us. On the flipside, countries like the Netherlands and Latvia and cities such as Rennes (France) and Greensboro (North Carolina, USA) seem like the places to be if you don't want to deal with carmageddons.

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"On a city level, Manila reported the worst traffic on Earth, with Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Jakarta not far behind," Waze's blog post said. The survey also states that Manila has the longest average commute at 45.5 minutes.

What's dubious surprising though is the Philippines' ranking in the safety and driver services indices where we scored 9.3 (one of the highest) and 10.0 (the highest), respectively. Somehow, we're not really buying that...

Let this serve as a reminder that, for those who are still in denial (hello, government officials), driving here in PH just plain sucks.

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