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We Kid You Not: Steve Jobs Will Be a Manga Hero

Because his influence knows no bounds, even Japanese comics!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 14, 2013
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The late great Steve Jobs, the man responsible for Apple's fruity success, will be immortalized inget thisa manga! Pwera biro!

For those having a bit of a hard time imagining this one (turtleneck and faded blue jeans aren't really the manga fashion staples), hope this image will help:

Better? Oh, wait, that picture was made using an app called Manga-Camera view, so it's not really that "legit." But we do have an actual Steve Jobs drawing by Mari Yamazaki, the female manga artist that will illustrate and head the whole project. That one's waiting for you on the next page...

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Photos from Pocket-Lint, Mari Yamazaki
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