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Weekender: April 20, 2012

The date says it all!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 20, 2012
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FHM Nation started this week with a bang as Michelle Madrigal signed your April copies. Meanwhile, North Korea's rocket launch fizzled out with a little whimper. In light of Earth Day on April 22, we did our share by showing you 7 ways of becoming more nature-friendly. We've decided just recently to become advocates of environmentalism, because who knows? All those earth-hating chemicals might just turn us into zombies one day--a staged preview of which we saw during Outbreak Manila, where runners tested their mettle if their cardio is good enough to avoid getting mauled by the event's ultra-realistic zombies.

After that, we just had to catch our breath. Luckily, the week wasn't short on coolness: Movement 69's street art provided visual stimulation, the Clippers finally made the Playoffs, the Lakers are winning even without the Mamba, and get this, Heart Evangelista is single again. So gentlemen, you know what to do:geta nice haircut, trim those fingernails, and nose hair.

Ok, so that's a pipe dream, but here are some that aren't: you get to catch Game of Thrones's second season, you get to play these spectacular 2D games, or maybe become Inspector Gadget with these wearable doohickeys, you get to see Stifler's Mom again (Read: the original MILF), or if you have money for a new car, why not get a new Ford Ranger?

A busy week, once again. And we'll end it nicely; it's 420 after all! Here's what you can do:

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