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Weekender: August 24, 2012

Ely, Bigfish, and a food fest
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 24, 2012
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We started this long-weekend-shortened week by once again reminding you of the impending doomsday with our World Ender. This month's theme: leveling up. In it, we discussed the ways by which you can be a better lover, a better dancer (with a little luck and some in-bred talent), and a better listener too just by taking the time to hear what these carshow babes have to say. And oh, here's our handy guide to leveling up your own house as well.

Then we checked out the launch of the new Galaxy Tab in London, because apparently we have a correspondent in London now, who by the way, got to enjoy some live booty-shaking courtesy of Kylie Minogue. From Brooklyn to MOA, Brook Lopez and his massive seven-foot frame dropped by at the Sprite NBA 3X event, where we got to interview him. We haven't gotten the chance to ride the All-New Mazda BT-50, but from what we've read, it has to be one of the more promising and sportier pick-ups in recent years. Looking for something new to pirate off of torrents watch? Well you definitely could do worse than checking out Breaking Bad and its drug-peddling down-in-the-dumps lead dude.

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Now, here's our weekly list of stuff to do, because wouldn't you know it? It's a long weekend again, folks!

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