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Weekender: June 1, 2012

Huge sales, poledancing, and jazz festivals
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 1, 2012
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The rainy season comes soon, but we won't let that make us feel down, will we? This week alone we have tons of reason to celebrate. Chief among those: Kaye Abad, also known as Tabing Ilog's Eds, finally makes it to our cover. She's only gotten hotter, that girl.

For Miami fans, well, we know you're happy; the Miami Heat have yet to lose one against the aging Celts. Things got more interesting up in the West today as the Spurs finally lost to the Thunder who effectively put an end to San Antonio's 20-game rampage. Meanwhile in local politics, our senators declared CJ Corona, guilty--effectively putting an end to potential walkouts by the disgraced Chief Justice. The Corona-vela saga is over, everyone.

Luckily, we have alternative options for entertainment: Snow White and the Hunstman opens this week; Kwentillion, Summit Media's comic/magazine is now available in bookstores; we'll be playing these 10 videogames soon; and the Eraserheads have a new tribute album!

Or we can always go out. Here's where you can hang out this weekend:

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