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Weekender: June 15, 2012

Toys, electronic music, food and art expos
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 15, 2012
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Just so we can get this out of the way: Kaye Abad is a real angel, if these autograph signing photos are any indication. Without Ms. Abad to lift our spirits, this week would have been truly sad in light of that Pacquiao loss. A real shocker, that one was, along with these other surprising sports results.

What's not so surprising is the noise the NBA Finals between the Heat and the Thunder is generating right now, with the first game belonging to the team led by Kevin Durant. Independence Day also came and went, and we celebrated it with this list of movies and songs that shouted "freedom!" Or how about these babes that scream "hotness!"

With the week about to conclude, here's your laundry list of things to do this payday weekend! Check it out!

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