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Weekender: June 21, 2013

The weekend where we move on with our lives after the 2013 NBA Finals
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 21, 2013
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For months, we obsessed over the NBA Playoffs. The emotional investment (most especially for everyone on Miami's side) eventually paid off handsomely as fans got treated to a productivity-killing Finals series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, which ended today, as the Heat trumped the Spurs in seven games.

As Lebron and co. enjoy the spoils of victory, life resumes for the rest of us.

Apparently, this week hasn't been short on non-NBA things. World War Z opened in theaters, we found ten games worth waiting for before the next-gen consoles arrive, we listed all the shit we used to say in school, and taught you how NOT to propose. Along with those, June 2013 cover girl Jennyln Mercado made us fall in love at her autograph signing session, we insta-stalked Showtime princess Coleen Garcia, and gave you our regular list of Babes of the Week.

Jose Rizal celebrated his birthday, TV great James Gandolfini passed away, and we warned you of potential scams on Facebook. For the techies, we rounded up gadgets that made cameos in movies, high-tech umbrellas, a batch of new Samsung Galaxy phones, and reasons why guys should never ever be taking selfies.

With all that out of the way, here now's what you can do to this weekend.

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