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Weekender: June 22, 2012

Dance, music, and burger fests!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 22, 2012
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Monday was more exciting than usual this week as Game 3 of the NBA Finals got our nerves cracking. Boy, these Finals have been something, haven't they? And by the time you read this, we either have a new champion in the Heat or we'll be looking forward to Game 6.

While that seems to be the biggest things on most everyone's mind as of late, huge news of Dolphy's critical condition reached us. The FHM Nation, we're sure, wishes for the best.

But let's keep things positive. This week, we got to catch Kimmy Dora 2, celebrated Paul Mccartney's 70th nameday, dished out a couple of awards to these new games, listened to Smashing Pumpkins' new record, and went for broke in this month's edition of the World Ender.

Know what else is ending? This week. Happy Friday, dudes, here's the best the weekend offers.

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