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Weekender: June 8, 2012

Triathlons, Tim Bradley against Pacquiao, and French flicks
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 8, 2012
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The polls have closed, the ballots are in for this year's 100 Sexiest. Now, we wait. Thankfully, the waiting is made easier thanks to Berna Kano, June's pretty little 100% Hottie, these Babes of the Week, and hey, hearing from Jinri Park!

Father's Day happens this weekend too, so in line with that, here we suggest 15 gifts you can give pops, a list of the coolest TV dads, and an all-OPM daddy's day playlist. Or how about Suzuki's new premium baby, the Kizashi? That would be a cool gift if you've got the dough. But just as cool is our flick of the week, Alien prequel, Prometheus, and these commuter gadgets from the future.

While those thingamajigs are still just science fiction, what we can count on now are these events this weekend. Check them out!

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