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Weekender: March 2, 2012

College concerts, a Bigfish party, and sales
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 2, 2012
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Talk about welcoming March in a big manner. As you all know, FHM's anniversary issue garnered a ton of attention (even BBC picked it up and did an interview with Bela Padilla), before it was even released. "Racist!" some of you cried—to which we replied with this official statement.

That's not the only big story though as we welcomed the week with a new hottie, Althea Wang. The Academy Awards was all over our social networks too, and of course, we joined in on the action. We even made up a bunch of our own Oscars!

In sports, we tuned in to the All-Star game, and gave you a rundown of the best stories this season as the NBA picks up steam for what we hope would be a great Playoffs.  We went green with Toyota's nature-loving Prius C, and went geek with the upcoming Windows 8.

Thank God then that the weekend is here for us to digest all of these. Here now is what you can do and check out:

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