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Weekender: September 21, 2012

American Idols, free Vans, and hippie festivals
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 21, 2012
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We started the week on a rather dreadful note as we prepared a list of the weirdest things to have happened on EDSA, including news of the body parts gruesomely scattered all over the highway Sunday morning. What the fuck indeed. This eventually led us to ask this thought-provoking inquiry: "Is porn ruining your sex life?" The answer to which is maybe, probably, depending on how you answered that little quiz.

Then we explained the Philippine Cybercrime law, and prepared a list of Youtube time-wasters which included this golden video of Hercules being "disappointed." What we're not disappointed with are these 8 Martial Law films and the new Judge Dredd movie which premiered this week.

On the techie side of things, we checked out the intensifying war between Apple and Samsung, LG's beast of a phone, and this sleek and sexy laptop from Lenovo.

Speaking of sexy, how about that Kate Middleton? The royal scandal featuring nude photos of the princess inspired us to make this infographic about the royal history of nakedness. Meanwhile, a semi-naked Jen Jardeleza inspired us to slam the door behind us and go "whatever!" at the results of that "Is porn ruining your sex life?" quiz.

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Now, onto the weekend. Here's what you can do!

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