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Weird Video Of The Week: This Japanese Commercial Spells WTF

If you're having problems with pesky, poop-dropping pigeons, this weird Japanese ad offer a trippy solution.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Apr 21, 2015
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Japanese TV is on a totally different scale when it comes to entertainment value and creativity. Take for instance our latest (non-sexy GIFS) Japan-made find that utterly spells WTF:


Video via hato-amemiya's YouTube channel

For those still celebrating 420, chances are you're tripping your brains out and are perhaps raping the replay button. But if you're 100 percent sober and hence still knows the difference between normal and insane, then your mind's probably screaming "What the hell did I just watch?"

We feel you, bro. And because we're also curious cats, we wasted some of our time and brain cells to further understand the real message behind this this ridiculous, pigeon-heavy animation.

Apparently, it's a video commercial that promotes a company named Amemiya, a Japanese pest control service that's based in Nagoya, Japan. The last time we checked, pest refers to termites, cockroaches and other creepy crawlers—not pigeons! 

But this is Japan we're talking about, the land of talking sex dolls and whatnot. Or maybe they're just really having a hard time dealing with pigeons dropping poop bombs on their heads that it now requires experts to handle the stinky situation. Which also explains their tagline “Hato ni komattara… Amemiya!" or "If you’re having trouble with pigeons, call Amemiya!” 

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Now we know the real purpose of this mind-numbing video. However, that still doesn't explain a lot of things, like:

Is this bird supposed to be a pigeon? Why is it blue? What the hell are those things on its chest?  Breast with claws? Or misplaced feet?

Do Japanese pigeons really hate members of the rainbow community?

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Is this the Japanese version of Super Inday and her Golden Bibe? Can we call it the Japanese Dude and His Hadouken-firing, Diarrhea-Spilling Super Pigeon?

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Why can't they just shoo away the damn birds?!

And does transforming your hair into a spiky mohawk the only solution to avoid these avian terrorists? 

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And seriously, what kind of hallucinogens did the makers of this video take?

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