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REAL TALK: 12 Women Share What Being Catcalled Feels Like

It's never a compliment
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 9, 2016
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You might have done it once, twice, or even a million times—catcalling, that is. You assume that you have the right to give her a "compliment" just because she is wearing a revealing top and short shorts. But let's be clear bro: Her choice of clothes, no matter how sexy, doesn't give you the right to catcall.

Even if the catcall is something along the lines of "beautiful," not all women like the spotlight of a stranger on the street. It makes them nervous, embarrassed, and harassed.

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To make you completely understand, we asked 12 women to share with us how they feel every time they get catcalled.

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"I don't like it, I feel nababastos. It's degrading not only to the woman but to the doer as well. Lastly, I think a real man won't do such a thing to any woman." —Millet, 31

"It's absurd. I try my best not to react because people who do it are usually uneducated." —Phan-phan, 28

"Sa totoo lang, nakakairita 'yang mga catcallers. Nakakabastos sila. Ano naman kung naka-shorts at sleeveless top ako? May karapatan akong magsuot no'n lalo na't ang init dito sa Pilipinas. Hindi naman sex object ang mga babae para bastusin ng ganun ganun na lang. Kailangan matuto sila rumespeto." —Darlene, 20

"Honestly, I feel quite praning and creeped out. I never look at a catcaller in the eyes because of that. My strategy: Pretend as if you didn't hear them (truck drivers and sidewalk tambays), try not to show that you're panicking by keeping the speed of your walk the same, and do not engage. Baka kung ano pa kasi gawin." —Ginyn,23

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"Sobra akong nababastusan sa catcallers. Kahit anong klase 'yung isuot ko, wala pa rin silang karapatan para mag-catcall. Kaya ko 'yun sinuot kasi 'yun ang gusto ko at doon ako komportable. Minsan nga kahit disente naman suot ko, they still catcall. Nakakasira sila ng araw." —Georgette, 19

"Catcalling is not flattering. The way strangers sexualize us on the street and verbally abuse us is scary and threatening." —Paula, 30

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"I'm annoyed and at the same time frustrated every time I get catcalled. I know myself well and I think I'm respectable. It's just that there are some people who don't know how to respect others."—Jessey, 24


"I feel scared and violated especially if sumusunod. Kapag mag-isa ako, madalas binibilisan ko na lang lakad ko kasi nakakatakot talaga sila. Naiisip ko na rapist yung catcaller." —Summer, 21

"It sucks so hard when you're walking down the street and you have to make sure that there's not a group of guys coming up ahead because you just know that they're going to give unwanted, unsolicited sexual attention." —Diana, 29

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"One word: Nakakabastos. I think yung pagtingin nila from head to toe is somewhat acceptable but catcalling is just too disrespectful. Women should be treated with love, care, and respect, katulad na lang ng pagrespeto natin sa mga nanay natin." —Margaret, 20

"My heart beats faster every time a stranger whistles to me or says 'Hi sexy!' When I walk on the streets alone and I notice na may mga lalaki, humahanap ako ng alternative route kahit pa mapalayo ako rather than maka-encounter ako ng catcaller. They scare me to the bones." —Renalyn, 24

"It's creepy at best and scary at worst. I have endured catcalling from grown men since I was 14 years old. Since then, I've felt like the world is unsafe."—Joyce, 27


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