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What Happens When Fakebeasts Go Too Far?

Gang war!
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 16, 2017
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Everyone took advantage of the long weekend for fun activities—and that apparently includes the local “streetwear” community as they gathered for one big EB in SM City San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Unfortunately, the day ended in violence as caught in this viral video (which already has a whopping 3.9 million views as of writing):

The real highlight of the video is one youth's death-defying escape through the mall's fountain. We can feel his pain since willingly soaking your kicks is one of the worst feelings in the world, well, aside from getting your face beat in maybe. Some people might call it a “gang war” but everyone in the video is wearing the same thing (“Bieber tour gear”, “Vans”, “Anti Social Social Club”) so it's almost impossible to tell the combatants apart. Also, please don't blame the guard, he's just one man against a horde of raging youths.


Anyway, a common defense of these fake-wearing hypebeasts when bashed and ridiculed is “at least wala kaming ginagawang masama.” Most of the time, that is true. They may be eyesores to you when they take their profile pictures and group shots in public settings or swarm Simbang Gabi, but are they really doing anything bad? This incident doesn't give them any excuse though—brawling in public is a no-no, no matter how entertaining it may be to watch on social media afterwards! So, if you want “respeto lang sa kapwa Pilipino,” then check yourselves as well. Sayang lang din damit niyo if nasira, par!

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