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#BangonPH: What Not To Post In FB In The Time Of Yolanda

Time to be a responsible FB user!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 11, 2013
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Who knew that the terror brought about by Ondoy could be topped this soon?

While 2009’s Big O was fearsome, the way super typhoon Yolanda completely flattened the island of Tacloban seemed to be more merciless and conclusive. The former’s style of devastation felt like a sound, complete beatdown that went the full twelve rounds; the latter’s was more a second-round knockout not unlike Pacquiao’s punch that brought Ricky Hatton down: unexpected, terrible, angry.

You’ve read the news. The thousands dead. The corpses swimming with lifeless livestock and pets. The flattened landscape. The anarchy. sums it up with its headline today: “Worst disaster to hit PH.”

Now, while the “hit” may be over, the worst isn’t. Currently, that place needs all the help it can get—food, clothing, water, medical help. A lot. What we're saying is this: Those who are in a more fortunate situation shouldn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand any way that they can. You can head on over to this page where we listed Yolanda help hotlines.

Another simple way that you can help though is by being responsible with what you post on your social media pages during this disastrous time. The space on social feeds is valuable and can be put to good use in the recovery of our brothers in Tacloban and other severely hit parts in Visayas.

Here are a few guidelines we’re proposing as to what to post and what to avoid posting on social networks:

1) POST: A show of solidarity

Forgive us for bordering on preachiness but we encourage everyone to care about what just happened.

Don't act like this was just another weekend, because it wasn't. Read, understand the situation, put yourself in their shoes, and if you are in a position to help, do it!

2) DON'T POST: Last weekend’s clubbing photos

Not everyone had as much fun downing tequila as you did last weekend.

3) DON'T POST: Personal emo/bitch posts

Posts about how they're being ignored by their crush or how they're a better bitch than this other bitch are ingratiating. At a time like this, it only further highlights one's lack of self-awareness.

4) DON'T POST: Conspiracy theories

There might be a more appropriate time for speculation. Now isn't it.

5) DON'T POST: Photos of dead bodies

Disaster porn is exotic, and looking at it is akin to the experience of bus passengers unable to remove their gaze from a ghastly motorcycle accident. Still, these dead bodies were once living bodies whose dignity is the only remaining thing that can be spared. Resist the need to re-share the sort. 

6) POST: Good news

We need all the inspiration we can get.

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