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What the F is an Internet troll?

<p>A new breed of haters arises in the web</p>
| Oct 23, 2009
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What is an Internet troll?
If you’ve ever been to a forum, have spent time in a chatroom, or have taken the time to scroll down to the comments section of an article, there’s a big chance that you have already had first hand experience with a troll.

Internet trolls are haters of an individual who post things on comments boards, forums, chat rooms that are malicious, controversial, or derogatory. He is basically a jerk-ass hiding beneath the anonymity provided by the Internet. He says things that make you, or a particular group of people, angry, just for the sake of it.

How common are these trolls?
Let’s just say that they’re not endangered species. Trolls think that having access to a computer and the Internet gives them the right to insult other people, totally oblivious and insensitive to what they might feel or think. Again, the fact that they aren’t standing face-to-face with human beings gives them some measure of strength, allowing them to hurl the invectives with zero remorse. For all we know, you might be a troll. You’re just not aware of it.

Why are they called trolls?
In Scandinavian folklore, trolls are creatures that have a tendencity for mischief and wickedness. Also, there’s a movie called Trolls (and Trolls 2) that portray these creatures as being an evil, ugly menace from God-knows-where. We believe that there’s no special place in hell for Internet trolls, only a room where they’ll all be gathered, and forced to argue with each other for all eternity. Sweet justice.

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