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What We Know So Far About The UK Parliament Attack

by Andrei Medina | Mar 23, 2017
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At least five people were killed while over 20 others were injured after a lone perpetrator staged what authorities believe to be a terrorist attack just outside the United Kingdom parliament in Westminster.

Those who died include a police officer and the suspect himself along with other civilians, GMA News Online reports.

According to authorities, it all started when the suspect started mowing down pedestrians with a vehicle on the Westminster Bridge before crashing into railings.

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Armed with a knife, the suspect alighted from his car and proceeded to stab a nearby police officer. It was at this point where the suspect was shot by other members of the police force.

The moment when gunfire rang in the air was recorded by a tourist.


The Metropolitan Police has labeled the incident as a possible terrorist attack. They are also asking those who can give additional information to do so to help in the investigation procedure.

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Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Theresa May who was at the area during the time when the incident happened has a strong statement for the public:

As a close ally of the United States, the UK is prone to terrorist attacks like these. A similar incident occurred back in May 2013 where a soldier was stabbed by two British Islamists along a street in southeast London.

But the worst terrorist attack the UK suffered in recent history was in July 2005 when four suicide bombers blew themselves up in central London’s public transport system where 52 were killed.


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