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When Shit Gits the Floor

<p>Yes, shit happens. Here's a collection of real life scenarios worth putting in print...</p>
| Mar 31, 2010
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I was busy doing office work when I felt an uncontrollable grumbling in my stomach. I was starting to feel goosebumps on my skin and sweated terribly, so I rushed to the comfort room. Fortunately, the coast was clear. I unbuckled my trousers, sat comfortably on the crapper and let it out. Relief was instant. But when I was about to complete my number 2 duties, the damn fire alarm broke at the most unfortunate time. Scared shitless of being roasted alive in the loo, I promptly stood up without bothering to flush and wash my bum, pulled up my pants and ran the hell out of the building, even leaving dribbles of shit behind me. Imagine my dismay when the admin officer declared that all the commotion was the fault of a stupid kid, who toyed with the alarm system.
Boy Dapa, by email


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