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FHM Explainer: Who The Hell Is Melissa Mendez?

What do Empress Schuck and Melissa Mendez have in common? Find out here.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 23, 2015
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David Hasselhoff and Charlie Sheen have all been stars in their self-made breakdown movies, both of which went viral on the Internet.

Local actress Melissa Mendez could've also been the star of one—except no one was able to take a video of the messy plane incident that's now being passed around showbiz sites like a hot plate of rice at lunch.

The gist: Melissa was thrown out of a plane en route to Mindanao thanks to a scuffle involving mistaken seat designations, accusations of beer breath, the throwing of fists, and a couple of pretty stewardesses. She was asked to move from a seat, tempers flared, and she was offloaded from the flight.

Like an explosive telenovela, the plot has greatly thickened in The Great Melissa Mendez Ejection Of 2015. As of writing, an Instagram post compiling different accounts of the event has been the latest volley from the Mendez camp:

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The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ulterior motives may twist it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is- THE TRUTH.  I'm fighting this battle not only for my own sake but for the sake of all #Women who may be berated, humiliated, maligned, threatened, disrespected, verbally abused, mocked, bullied and taunted thus caused emotional trauma.  These are just some testimonies of those on board the flight where I was offloaded. #truth #youcannottwistthetruth  You Rey Pamaran and Andrew Wolf have caused me severe trauma and emotional heartbreak for the shame you have caused me. You've made a mockery of me trying to destroy my reputation. #Gabriella will deal with you. My work in Pagadian was cancelled because of the grave threat of Mr. Pamaran that I can never set foot in Pagadian. As for Andrew Wolff, you are not a Filipino citizen, you have no right to put me to shame. You have a lot of bad records including physical abuse. Let's see what will be the outcome of your inappropriate posting of that video with malicious intent.

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A photo posted by Melissa Mendez (@melissamendez_real) on

Your move, Andrew Wolff and Rey Pamaran.

But who's Melissa Mendez, you might ask? For the younger ones out there, here are some things you can find out about the actress by snooping around online! In case you're going to have a conversation about the issue with your tita or mom or tsismosa neighbors, at least you'll have some trivia to throw out there, bud.

1)   Melissa is the cousin of Dennis Roldan (also an actor whose most recent high-profile appearance involves kidnapping and prison) and Isabel Rivas (an actress who "relaxes" at her farm in Zambales when she's not busy with her "showbiz commitments").

Her sister, Glenda Garcia, is also an actress.

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   She was once a child star, having played roles in movies in the '70s including Dimasalang, San Diego and Tisay on the way to appearing in over 50 films in her career as a character actor. You've probably seen her a lot on TV, too.

  She was nominated for a FAMAS Best Actress award for a movie called Kalakal in 2008.

It has a trailer on YouTube, which we aren't recommending for viewing but posting here anyway for anyone curious enough.

   When bold films were still a thing, she appeared in movies alongside names such as Pyar Mirasol, Aya Medel, Julia Lopez, Rose Valencia and Kat de Santos—some of whom you might have seen in the pages of FHM

Now, these, we can fully recommend for viewing. (They're obviously NSFW though!)

5)   In 2009, Melissa once again worked with another FHM name, March 2013 cover girl Empress Schuck. Mendez produced the movie Hilot, about which the only thing we could find online is this itsy-bitsy poster:

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6)   This mother of three must be a really good cook, judging by the way we salivated over her food posts on Instagram:

7)   Finally, if it hadn't been for the fracas, we wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting these two ladies from Cebu Pacific, as posted by Andrew Wolff on his Instagram page:

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Flight attendant number 1 though seems just a little bit too pleased about what's happening:

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