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Who's biggest?

<p>Amuse yourself with this month&rsquo;s batch of loonies</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 29, 2010
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An Englishman, an American and a Filipino are competing for the longest dick in the world. The only rule is to make a hole on the ground using their dicks before pulling it out to see how deep in the Earth’s surface they manage to penetrate.

The Englishman goes first. He unzips his pants, shows off his dick and starts drilling the ground with it. After a few minutes, he pulls his cock out and water comes out off the hole. The crowd cheers. But the American, who is up next, dismisses the feat and points to the big bulge in his pants. He unzips, lies face down and starts to make his own hole on the ground. A few minutes later, he pulls it out and crude oil comes out of the ground.

The Pinoy is next. As he is about to let loose his schlong, a man from the crowd shouts, “You can’t beat those white men!” The Filipino pays this no mind and starts drilling. After a few seconds, he pulls out his dick but nothing comes out of the ground, prompting the audience to boo.
Then one girl in the crowd notices something on the tip of the Filipino’s dick. “Look!” she shouts. “Satan is waving at us!”
Pilyo Hush, by email

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Illustration: Mike Gallardo

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