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Why Quit Singing, Anne?

Say it isn't so
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 20, 2012
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Word on the street is Anne Curtis is considering retirement in the music industry.

This, despite the smashing success of her debut album Annebisyosa.

nd her sold-out live performance in No Other Concert, and also the plans of going on tour.

Calling it quits after such reception wouldn't make any sense now, would it?

Citing fatigue, Anne is firm in her decision not to do a sophomore album. "Alam mo, sabi ko kay Boss Vic [Del Rosario] na after nito, ayoko na," Anne revealed during an interview with "Masaya na ako na nangyari siya once, sa Araneta, that was the pinaka-bongga for me."

The babe needs a break as she has her acting career to take care of; lots of upcoming movies and teleseryes to tend to. Plenty of endorsements to live up to. A personal life to take care of. And a little bit of time for herself.

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It's all good Anne, maybe you can take a year off singing, but no need to retire for good, right?

We managed to get a good hear of her latest and only album, which amused us to a great extent. Her charming rendition of "Alone" provides a glimpse of hope to every woman out there who would never dare take on a titanic song. Thanks to Anne, young women found out for themselves that no song is tough enough with the right amount of dedication and key changes. (Check out Anne's version of "Alone" by clicking here!)

"Total Eclipse of the Heart" is where we definitely knew the extent of how game Anne is with this singing thing. Her duet with pop princess Sarah Geronimo seems like throwing a cutesy-patootsy mouse in front of a tigress, and then seeing said mouse stand her ground, even blending off on the right notes at the right time. Bolero as we may sound here, Anne Curtis is worth checking out.

We guess what we're trying to say is Anne is representing a demographic of singing underdogs; the talented ones who, with enough training and perseverance, might just be able to own a solid recording career. We root and relate most to those who are on the edge, and this is why Annebisyosa ended up performing better than expected. Critics call it the star power effect; we call it musical dreams coming true.

Star power and sex appeal notwithstanding, what first started out to be a little pet project for Anne ended up being one of her biggest accomplishments to date. Anne Curtis is a rare find; she will never be overexposed, nor will the mass audience ever get tired of her. She's been doing this for more than a decade. This is why quitting shouldn't be an option. This is why the admittedly faulty videoke voice must continue. Keep the "Annebisyon" alive, madam!

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