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The Wittiest, Funniest #Election2016PH Posts

Something to lighten up this day
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 9, 2016
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After months of Facebook unfriending, friends-turned-political-analysts posting, and my-candidate-is-better-than-yours ranting, at last, Decision Day has come—and ended. All we have to do now is await the results...and endure all the finger-selfies, precinct #OOTDs, and Starbucks groufies (because Buy 1 Take 1) taking over our feed.

But it's not over yet. It's going to be an even more intense next few days. Every election return will be highly scrutinized, and we'll all soon obssess about the number of votes our bets have gotten, didn't get, and was "cheated" out of.

Before we go into Elections Phase 2, however, how about a short break? Or maybe just a chance to breathe without elections stuff being shoved down our throats.


Ironically, the funniest things we came across today also involved the elections. Well, at least you'll get a smile out of it...

1) Because #ahrt is life

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2) Someone’s missing Bruce Banner from Civil War

3) Galawang Breezy on point

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4) You and me against the laws, uhm, world

5) Someone buy a Penoy

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6) The new discount card

7) Filed Under: Things you do for your idols


8) #Priorities

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9) Vote early or else…

10) Bayan o sarili? Kuko o selfie?

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11) Point taken

12) The Mother of Dragons will be proud

 That looks nasty

14) #Goalz

15) Black propaganda

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