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Women Rank The Traits Of A 'Good-Looking' Penis

A new study had women thinking, 'Are long penises attractive?'
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jul 22, 2015
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What's a good-looking penis?

Does it need to be long and huge?

Do women prefer lighter or darker dongs?

Do veins look okay or are they bothersome?

Do you need some jewelry down there to make it look better?

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Today, we are putting an end to all these questions. On July 20, Swiss researchers published a study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine about how women perceive the appearance of hypospadias-affected surgically repaired genitals (HASRGs), which is a disorder of the penis wherein its opening is not located on the tip. The disorder can be corrected through surgery.

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To get to their answer, the researchers asked 105 women ages 16 to 45 to rank the most attractive qualities of the male genital from a pool of eight pre-selected traits. The results just might give your penile ego a boost.

Below is the table of their findings:

Confusing, yes?

Here are the essentials things you need to know:

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1)  Penis length, the all-consuming factor that causes debates, hundreds of hurtful dick jokes, and performance anxiety was rated near the bottom of the table.

There are two "Order" columns as you can see. The first group ranked these traits BEFORE being shown pictures of HASRGs. The second group ranked these traits AFTER being shown pictures of the HASRGs. In both groups, length was only the sixth most important trait out of eight.

2)  Girls don't care much about your balls, with "Importance of appearance of scrotum" coming in at seven—at least in the first group.

3)  The least important? The position and shape of your penile opening, called the "meatus," which came in at eight in both groups.

4)  The most important asset was "general cosmetic appearance," which was ranked first in both groups. It's vague, but we're guessing if it looks good, it looks good, right? 

The fact of the matter is that length is of small importance—upon first glance at least.

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Now, go check yourself in front of the mirror if your dick has good "general cosmetic appearance."

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