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10 Powerful Quotes For International Women's Day

Show these to the ladies in your life and tell them they rock and rule your world
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 8, 2016
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Go greet the ladies in your life: today is International Women's Day 2018!

A little backgrounder: International Women's Day or IWD is a global celebration recognizing the achievements of women in different fields as well as a venue for expressing appreciation, love, and respect for the fairer sex. First held in 1909, it has grown to be a worldwide annual phenomenon and is a reflection of how far our society has come when it comes to upholding women's rights.

This year's theme is "Pledge For Parity," with special focus on the fact that "urgent action is needed to accelerate gender parity" in many places around the world, according to the official IWD website.

As for us here in FHM HQ, this event is a big deal for us, too. We love women, and we celebrate the many things about them in many, many ways, from their accomplishments and milestones to how, cheesy as it might sound, we men can't survive without them.

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So, for the ladies out there who, for whatever reason, are feeling down, chin up, beautiful ones! This is your day, and if that ain't enough, we've got several powerful IWD quotes that will uplift your spirit.

For those constantly seeking others' approval

A note for every man

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Set it high and be your own benchmark

Gorgeously take on all the problems and hate, darling!

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You have the power to make men your willing subjects and rule the world


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Life is a game, and it's better not played alone

Because we are our own heroes

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The Queen Bey says so herself

It's all about logic

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