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Study Says Women Want Sex As Much As Men Do

Thank you, science!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 21, 2015
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BREAKING NEWS: Women like sex as much as men do.

This is according to a new survey conducted by Fertility app Kindara.

While this might not come as a surprise to some folks, the common belief that men like sex more than women still prevails. And that's what the researchers have tried to disprove.

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With the help of 500 female participants, the researchers found out that women want more sex. Over 53.2 percent said they weren't satisfied with how much they currently get laid. A whopping 75 percent said they'd like to fool around in some capacity more than three times a week, while a shocking 13 percent said they wanted to have sex more than six times a week. You better prepare for that!

The survey also confirmed all our hunches about female sexual desire, such as the idea that they value emotional connection during sex. More than half of the respondents said being emotionally connected with someone translates to good sex.

At the end of the day, it's really not about which gender wants sex more. Men and women both do. We all do. What's more important is we know when, where, and how to make it banging every time.

Thank you, science!

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