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Working Longer Hours Could Actually Be Making You Dumber

Take better care of your brain cells by avoiding OT
by Tanya Umali | Nov 16, 2016
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Working overtime is not an uncommon scene for the average employed Filipino. Majority of the working class spend at least 40 hours or more in the office per week, depending on the number of tasks that needs to be accomplished. Although you might get a raise or a promotion from spending all those long hours in your workplace trying to impress your boss, a new study suggests that there could be one minor setback. Unfortunately, the number of working hours that you have is not contributing to your IQ at all. 

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Now, we've often heard that if you don't use your head that much, then you'll lose valuable brain cells necessary to keep your thinking tool sharp. But scientists from the University of Melbourne seem to think otherwise, so they tried to prove that the more you use your brain, the dumber you'll get over time. 

The research states: "For working hours up to around 25 hours a week, an increase in working hours has a positive impact on cognitive functioning. However, when working hours exceed 25 hours per week, an increase in working hours has a negative impact on cognition. Interestingly, there is no statistical difference in the effects of working hours on cognitive functioning between men and women."

Apparently, you only need to spend at least 25 hours in the office per week to achieve maximum brain development. Anything more than that, such as a 40 to 47-hour weekly work shift, can be detrimental for your cognitive abilities. 


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But that's not a reason to slack off at work and tell your boss that you're becoming more of an idiot as you work yourself to death. The researchers actually looked at middle and older aged male and females but that doesn't mean that younger people are exempted from the study; it's just that they focused more on the older age bracket. The findings suggest that employees in the younger age group with excessive working hours per week lost brain cells rapidly.

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To summarize the study, people who worked for 40 to 60 hours per week were less likely to have a higher IQ than those who worked for around 25 hours a week. No wonder your brain burns out when the end of the week is near. Or maybe you've noticed that you're not as smart as you used to be when you were in college. 

Basically, you just need to avoid overworking yourself to retain high level of intelligence. But if you really want to score that promotion or impress your boss, then work your ass off in the office for as long as you want. 

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