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World Ender: Be a Scam, Get Rich Now!

Scams are the scums of the universe
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 21, 2012
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In this month's edition of our World Ender Special, we aspire to squeeze our covetous selves into the good life; how to earn the fabulous moolah; or at least the many ways on how we intend to die trying. Note that comfort is not a one-step ladder, and the usual methods apply: saving money, prioritizing your everyday luho, knowing a thing or two about small market entrepreneurs, and, in this particular segment, swindling your way to luxury.

We list down five ways on how to bring in dirty money, from the morally frowned upon to deeds that are downright condemnable. But before we proceed, let's get one thing out of the way: wala kaming kinalaman diyan ha! Don't try this at home—and also grab this opportunity to learn these scams so you won't get scammed!

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