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World Ender: Be An Expert in Dampa Food Trips!

Fresh seafood eating made more awesome!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 21, 2012
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Ah, the Dampa... It's a place where people go if they want have not-so-ordinary food trip, where a gastronomic adventure can quickly turn into an exotic barkada dining experience. But this sort of food trip involves not just the lamon part. It's much more elegant than that (even if we're talking about stuff that are malansa or will make you squeamish).

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Diet? What diet? Ang tunay na lalaki ay walang abs!

For those unfamiliar with the dampa concept of eating, it's basically a compound of food joints where you can find a wet market that's filled to the brim with fresh seafood (even live), as well as other types of meat and veggies. Around it are restos (called palutuan) that can transform whatever you bought from the market into ulam masterpieces .

The whole deal is pretty simple and straghtforward: You search for an ideal dampa spot, visit its palengke, buy whatever fresh produce you like, have a resto cook it for you, and gobble up their creations.

FHM recently went to one of the popular dampas around the metro to indulge in the whole experience ourselves. We did so not only for the sake of pigging out (which we love to death) but to share with you a few simple tips to make your future trip to a dampa even more awesome. Yeah, we love you guys (and our tummies) that much...

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PART 1: Choosing a location

There are several dampa spots around the metro. There's one in Libis, around the MOA area, and even in Cubao. We chose to pig out at the one in Macapagal Boulevard in Pasay City. Just to be clear, this doesn't necessarily mean that this spot trumps all the rest. Frankly, we chose it because of the ambience—read: we heard a lot of hot chicks go there. We were also told that the Macapagal dampa has one of the best collection of restos around.

We're already hungry...

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One of the standouts here is Aling Tonya's Seafood Palutuan. How do we know that? Well, Aling Tonya's has been around for over 30 years now, starting out first as a humble karinderya until it became a much sought-after seafood resto with several branches in Metro Manila.'s Neps Firmalan attempts to steal the secret to Aling Tonya's
Adobong Pusit from Mrs. Tina (second from left) and Sarah (second from right)

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But if you're really picky with where you eat, we say choose a dampa resto based on to the different factors that could contribute to a great dining experience (i.e. ambience, look, feel, accessibility). Or you can just ask that case, Aling Tonya's pretty neat, friend!

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