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World Ender: February

Love or die trying!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 21, 2012
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Today is February 21. And ten months from now, according to the Aztec calendar, well, you know the rest. Yes, there have been many signs these past few months of our impending doom: the 6.9 magnitude earthquakes last February 6 in Negros Oriental, the ongoing, drama-filled impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice, the death of another musical prodigy in Whitney Houston, and the rise of Asian-American player in the NBA.

In short, kagulo.

Those however were not enough to stop us from celebrating the love month. Hence, a dating-and-relationship-themed world ender. Just look at those hearts on the banner, and tell us they aren't pretty. Alright, now, let's click on the pictures or the links below to find out what we've been able to cross off our bucket list this month!

Arra Pascual is a DJ, model, and November 2011's 100% FHM Hottie. We took her out on a date. Now we can tell our friends: "Pare, yung date ko kagabi FHM babe!" Click here to read more.

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Make it feel like it's your first date all over again...before it's too late! Read all about it here.

ppKnowing that Valentines Day 2012 might have been our last, we made an effort to talk to them lovely ladies about what they like seeing during a date. Click here to read this month's Planet Woman!

menuYou don't always cook for your girl, but when you do, make sure it's worth dying for. This menu we have prepared here might be just what you need. Click here and start cooking!

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