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World Ender: An Illustrated Guide To Saving And Spending

Because where you put your money should always matter
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 21, 2012
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Unless you were born into a multi-million conglomerate and you’d break your parents’ heart if you ever lift a finger, then you’ve got to work. Whatever path you’ll take—the eternal bachelor or the family man—you’ve got to keep earning because you don't want to simply provide for yourself or your family. You want to have a comfortable, enjoyable life. And given the chance, you want to be rich.

But see, everyone wants to have piles and piles of cash, but not all of us work hard to be rich when we should be. Legendary investor Warren Buffett started out really early—he was able to buy a farm at his hometown in Nebraska at age 14 using profits from delivering newspapers. After college, when people his age would have student loans, he had around $90,000 savings. Till now, even if he’s considered the most prolific investor of the century (if not ever), he would still drive his old car, go home in a small house, and eat at the neighborhood steakhouse.

There are two things you must remember: (1) You can never be too young to start making money, and; (2) It’s the small decisions you do with your money that could totally change your life for the better or worse. All those cash Buffett saved from not eating in fancy restaurants or changing cars every few weeks (when he could easily afford to do) has been invested into something worthwhile, and it just kept growing.

So how much effort have you spent on making money lately? If you’re clueless at how to start, here’s a guide on how much you can spend now or save for later, whichever age group you belong to.

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