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World Ender: June

Go for broke, go all in, lay it on the line, just do something!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 21, 2012
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Today is June 21. Six months from now, the Martians will invade, and proceed to laser beam our leaders to an ash-y death, thereafter, establishing a new world order.

Before that happens, we intend to go for broke. Like literally. Because when the world ends, a million pesos wouldn't be worth anything. No better time to go all in, and spend it all, than right about now. On what? On an experience of a lifetime, that's what. Which is? It depends on what you like, but here we'll focus on these: music festivals. Huge gatherings of people collectively raising their cellphone cameras up high enjoying live music on some grassy field!

Join us as we do a bit of festival-hopping that takes us from the Malasimbo Festival in Mindoro, Laneway Festival in Singapore, all the way to the mecca that is Coachella in the big, bad U.S. of A. Prepare to board, guys, and enjoy this little ride.

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Early last March, we sent Enrico Miguel Subido to the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival held in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro--a festival he summed up as an "organic rave-up" in an article that came out in the magazine last May. It was a euphoric summer shindig that featured "over 50 artists and performers, a daily average of 12 hours of music, weird art, boat parties on the bay, and an organic amphitheater." Now, with the experience he had earned, he shares with us tips on how to crash such a festival, should the world survive past December 2012 and into Malasimbo 2013. Click here to read the story.

Cheekie Albay has always been a music lover, and when she's bored, she finds time to make cool mixtapes for her friends. So when she saw the lineup for Laneway Festival 2012, and saw all of the cool bands playing--Feist, M83, Toro Y Moi, among others--the fangirl in her emerged and proceeded to puke rainbows. Well, kind of. Now she tells us all about her experience in Laneway! You go, girl! Click here to ready about Laneway.

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To drive home the Go For Broke point, we head out to Coachella. Because you know, we are operating with the world ending on December 21 in mind. Wala nang next year, Coachella is the motherlode of festivals, and Tupad Shakur was raised from the dead! Click here to read about how you can do it too!

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Says FHM babe Nathalie Hayashi on how she intends to spend her final days: "I'm gonna dish out all my money to travel to the US and maybe get married in Vegas!" In this month's edition of Planet Woman, our female correspondents reveal how they will go for broke when the world crumbles down. We'd like to live on Planet Woman instead when that day comes! Click here to read about their go for broke strat!

Life can be a real scumbag sometimes. It blindsides us when least expected and pushes us to the edge in the most uncoventional ways. So are we supposed to push back and grab despair by the balls? We tackle the stories of James Cameron, Jimmy Alapag, and 6 other men who gambled everything on the line and overcame fiasco. Click here to read all about it!


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