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World Ender: Bidding Facebook Adieu

Two weeks of online exile
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 21, 2012
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It’s a fact: the Philippines is hooked on Facebook. Studies show Facebook penetrates over 90% of the local Internet population. A huge figure.

So, it seems like Facebook taken over our lives. We test this theory out by bidding facebook goodbye for 14 full days. Yes, two weeks. I wasn't particuarly excited but I've always wondered how life had been like before it came along.

Hey, it’s not as hard as expected…

Curiously enough, the impact of leaving Facebook didn’t set in as soon as anticipated. Maybe because my mindset was that I can do it, and it’s for a “good cause.” Avoiding logging in or even talking about the giant social-networking site and anything related to it was quite easy for the first 2 or 3 days. “Maybe I wasn’t that hooked after all,” I told myself, and then it kicked in. You begin to miss it. And it gets harder every day

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Four days into my vacation, I still find myself religiously attending to my digital web routine: open my email, fhm, and facebook. I began to wonder more on how many messages and notifications have already piled up, and not knowing what they are about is not exactly a good feeling.

Then I started to worry about missing out on important things. At this point, I entertained the idea of creating a new account. Then I remember I'm new at FHM and failure isn't an option.

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