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World Ender: March

Look ma, I'm on TV!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 21, 2012
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Today is March 21. Nine months from now, the world will end. Maybe the earth will eat us alive. Maybe the oceans will. Maybe the zombies will invade, harvest our brains. Maybe, maybe not.

But just in case, we thought of helping you achieve what these rotting monsters already have: get famous. Become a viral Internet sensation, become the next Charice Pempengco, become a reality show star, we don't care. Put your mind into it, and you'll see that getting those fabled 15 minutes might be easier than you think. Imagine telling stories about how you once lip-synced your way to fame to your future apo or how you once became king of online rap battles--that is if you survive the aforementioned, zombiepocalypse.

And the signs are there: just this month, we witnessed the passing of Pinoy music icons in Karl Roy and Bodjie Dasig (of Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko fame), the largest solar flare in half a decade hit the world, Encyclopedia Britannica shuts down its print operations 244 years since it began, ultimate man of survival Bear Grylls got fired, and the scientists are up to their dastardly ways again with their plans to resurrect long-extinct mammoths.

Let's get to it then, and all become fame monsters.

Ever felt unpopular, unloved, and unrecognized? Ever had the unshakable feeling that only your mother cares that you exist? Well then, why not become a celebrity? These tried-and-tested methods will help you do so!

Betong Sumaya used to be just an extra. Then he won three million pesos after coming out as the Ultimate Survivor in GMA 7's popular reality show. Now, he's popular. See our interview with him as we get him to reveal his secrets to his post-Survivor success.

Sexy girls dancing! What else do you want from us? Click here now.

Being famous is tough is what we all heard. But how do you know if you're really sikat? With this flowchart, you'll figure out for sure! Check it out.


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