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World Ender: The Right Way to Buffet

Believe it or not, buffet eating is an art. <em>FHM</em> teaches you how to perfect it!
by B.A. Borleo | Nov 22, 2012
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Like any form of exercise, eating is an act that you both love and hate. Love because of the way taba melts in your mouth, or how sipping sinigang makes you contort your face in more ways than Jim Carrey, or how fresh hilabos na hipon leads you to saying “Hhmm” in an almost orgasmic manner.

Hate because you know no diet can refuse a newly-barbecued balat ng lechon. And no matter how much your inner vain self tell you what the consequences are of finishing off that bowl of gelato—“Dagdag lang yan sa bilbil mo!” “Dude, flabby arms yan!” “Tataba ka lalo pag kinain mo yan!”—you will still do it.

But what if we tell you that FHM has found the perfect scheme to balance your urge to eat well and not eat at all?

One word: Buffet.

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Consider this: You can eat very well at a buffet. And because it’s a bit pricey to visit for your every meal, you won’t be doing it all the time. On average, we’d say you’d go there about twice a month. You can run all that flab off at The Fort or at the U.P. Diliman campus in between visits.

See, balance.

Now that you know this, we’d like to teach you next about the right way to buffet. Oh yes, there’s a right, un-baboy way to do it! Hit the gallery below to be educated.

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