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World Ender: May

Channeling our inner Stone Cold
by Gelo Gonzales | May 21, 2012
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Today is May 21. Seven months from now, a huge comet will crash into the Pacific Ocean causing a Pacific-sized tsunami that wipes us out.

But we're not scared, because we took swimming lessons to prepare for a mini-surf camp as you'll see in this month's World Ender. You scared? You screamin' like that girl from Psycho above? If you can't swim, you better be: you only have seven months left to get ready for surf-ocalypse.

If you can swim, well, we're sure there must be something you're scared of, because everyone has something that scares the bejezus out of them. The question now is are you going to be a Pacquiao or a Mayweather? It's all up to you.

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We join the Philippine Paragliding and Hanggliding Association for an afternoon of flying fun! Check it out here.

Our attempt to be a an extreme foodie. A massive chowdown between us and these icky, icky...delights. Click ahead!

Together with Billabong Philippines and Aloha Boardsports, we surfed! So stoked! Get stoked now by clicking here.

Respect is due to those who do a 360 wheelie in the middle of Binondo. Check out our interview with Red Bull freestyle biker Julien Dupont here.


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