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World Ender: Crashing Malasimbo

Music in the face of armageddon
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 21, 2012
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So what’s a music lover to do at the brink of Armageddon? For starters, you could break into a music store and own that guitar or bass that you’ve been lusting over for the past decade. It could be yours for an hour. Plug it into the most expensive amp and try blowing up the speaker. That’s what’s gonna happen to the world in a few hours anyway, right? Blow up?

But, surely, other music lovers will be facing the End of Days just as you are. That’s why the “breaking into a music store” idea, while being a very good one, is definitely going to be short-lived. Besides, you can only have so much fun by yourself. It would be more fun to rally the troops and find others who want to make these last moments of music on Earth, the best ones.

Witness: Malasimbo 2012. The video below courtesy of the organizers of Malasimbo should be convincing enough.

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Now let’s assume that you want to go to this thing, instead of having some crazy, end of the world sex. OK, bahala ka. How would you enjoy it? What would you do? How would you make the most out of it? It’s the world’s last music festival. Below are some activities that may be appropriate for the situation.

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