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World Ender: October

Mo money, mo problems over no money, no honey, anyday.
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 21, 2012
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Today is October 21. Just a quick two months from now, the world as we know it shall fall in a heap. Not from meteors or earthquakes, but from a brutal and global takeover of hackers rising against the tyranny of suffocating Internet censorship laws. Not even Wikipedia will be spared as it is vandalized to an extent not seen since Carlo J. Caparas was named a National Artist. The massive spread of disinformation will then cause anarchy, and intense debates over the real birthdays of famous celebs, now lost in the prevailing chaos.

Before that happens, why not take a swing at getting rich while money still has value? Money’s not everything, but it does make you smile when you get to buy a new pair of Lebron’s with it, right? So to help you acquire a big chunk of change, below is our investment guide—one being legit, and the other, illicit. Get smart with your money, and soon you’ll be able to afford, say, having your car washed by two FHM babes! Motivation!

Do you buy a new Ferrari or do you invest it in something that will allow you to buy more Ferraris in the future? In our infographic here, we've laid out possible choices where you can spend or save your hard-earned cash.

There are shortcuts to getting rich, but short of winning the lottery, most of them involve tricking other people, which is never, ever a good thing. Here now are five infamous scams that you may but probably shouldn't do. All we know is it's not unwise to be informed. Here's one tip: never deal with anyone with a face such as the one above.

So you've finally made it. You've saved, saved, saved, and now your only problem is the spending part. We're sure you're not a stranger to the ways of the waldas, but here's our suggestion anyway: Why not get two FHM babes to wash your car like we do with Jahziel and Nikki Palma in this video here? Wow. The excuses we come up with to film models playing with a bit of soap and water!

Computers, consoles, copiers, projectors. Here's a list of everyday office items that you can set up a business or gaming center with, which if you're fortunate enough, should give you extra money.

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