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World Ender: September

Because we might as well die with manners
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 24, 2012
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Today is September 21. Just three months from now, the world will end in a variety of manners we've explored to death in previous World Ender editions. Rest assured, not one of those world-ending possibilities will be elegant. It is going to be nasty, and the few of us who survive will be reduced back to Neanderthals who can't differentiate between a spoon or a fork.

Before such a calamity occurs, why not give ourselves a chance to be better men? Here we'll aspire to be sirs. Not the top hat-wearing, moustache-twirling, scotch-swilling kind but someone who's trained in the arts of behaving and looking as smooth as a martini. Or at the very least, someone who doesn't wear sneakers to a dinner date. Read on below.

You always want to look good when going out on a date. Yes, looks will only get you so far but shit, if you're going to get rejected might as well look awesome looking sad. Here's our refresher course to help make you look like a guy who'll be awfully hard to turn down for girls.

We've laid out the tips, revealed the tricks, so now here's a mini shopping checklist to get you started on the makeover road.

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At one point, the beer-loving part of your tongue will get bored of the usual beer. That's the time when you should try out the other brands available out there--and there are a lot. Here's our quick starter guide for all those ready to make the leap to fancy beer.

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Gadgets were nothing but fancy calculators before. Now they're fancy, STYLISH calculators. How stylish? Check out this list, and master the art of the sleek geek.

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